Clevedon School

Clevedon School

Staff List

Parents, please note that the contact details for individual staff can be obtained through logging in to the Firefly Parent Portal.

Senior Leadership Team


Jim Smith



Mark Davies

Head of Sixth Form

Jo Carrington

Teaching, Learning and Literacy


Kaz Hutchings

Head of Pastoral Support and Designated Safeguarding Lead

 Jamie Williams

Head of Ethos, Outcomes and Inclusion


Sam Kent

Head of Curriculum, Assessment and Academic Performance


Claire Murray

Head of Student Leadership, Staff Development and Well Being


Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs K Hutchings

 Teaching Staff



Mrs C Abrahams

Modern Foreign Languages

Miss C Astley


Mrs A Ballard

English (Sabbatical)

Mr E Bateson


Mr T Battista


Mr C Blake

Subject Co-ordinator: ICT/Computing | Assistant Co-ordinator: Business Studies

Ms P Booth


Mr A Brown

Design and Technology

Mrs R Brown

Business Studies | Sixth Form Team

Mrs R Burnell

Mathematics (Maternity)

Mr C Campbell

English | Head of Walton House

Mrs J Carrington

Subject Co-ordinator: English

Miss N Catley

Business Studies (Maternity)

Mrs E Chiverton


Ms A Claydon

Assistant Co-ordinator: English 

Mr J. Coughlan


Mr S Court


Mr M Cullen 

Subject Co-ordinator: Religious Studies

Mr A Davis

Subject Co-ordinator: Science

Mrs E Diamond

Acting Subject Co-ordinator: Geography 

Mr L Dickinson

Physical Education | Head of Marine House

Miss M Dray


Mr P Dutton

Assistant Co-ordinator: Modern Foreign Languages

Miss J Freeman

Physical Education

Miss A Frost


Miss J Gibb


Miss C Gilbert


Mrs S Grant

Geography | Assistant Head of Sixth Form

Mr R Gregory

Mathematics | Head of Conygar House

Mrs D Griffiths

Assistant Co-ordinator: Mathematics

Miss H Harris

Mathematics (Maternity)

Mr T Helme 

Subject Co-ordinator: Art

Miss V Hilder

Subject Co-ordinator: History

Mrs E Hill

Physical Education | Psychology

Miss R Holah


Mrs Y Jemahl


Mr P Jenkins


Mrs K Knight

Subject Co-ordinator: Health and Social Care | Art

Ms A Lee


Ms A Lemon

Science (Chemistry)

Mrs H MacGregor


Mr I Major

ICT and Computing | Science

Miss L Mathison

Science (Maternity)

Mr K McCarron


Ms T Melgar

Assistant Co-ordinator: Modern Foreign Languages

Mr R Millard


Mr C Mockford

Subject Co-ordinator: Mathematics

Mrs K Mockford

Dance and Drama (Maternity)

Mrs D Morgan

Subject Co-ordinator: Dance and Drama

Mrs D J Morgan

Assistant Co-ordinator: English

Mrs A Mower

Design and Technology

Mrs C Murray

Religious Studies | Subject Co-ordinator: Learning Challenge | Head of Student Leadership

Mrs I Nicholl

Modern Foreign Languages (Maternity)

Ms R North

Religious Studies

Mr D Owen

Physical Education

Mrs R Peacock

Subject Co-ordinator: Textiles

Mrs E Pearson


Mrs M Penny

Subject Co-ordinator: Geography (Maternity)

Miss K Pike


Mr J Pitts


Mr S Roberts

Assistant Co-ordinator: English and Media Studies

Mrs N Robinson

PE | Health & Social Care 

Mrs A Rutherford

Modern Foreign Languages

Mr T Sinclair

Assistant Co-ordinator: English

Ms E Skiffington

Modern Foreign Languages

Mr P Skone

Business Studies

Mrs A Smart


Mr P Sutherland


Mr G Smart

Science | Digital Learning (CLH)

Mrs H Tebbutt

Design and Technology

Mr S Thomas

Physical Education | Head of Valley House

Mrs M Vivash

Subject Co-ordinator: Music

Mrs J Wareham

Physical Education

Mr G Watson


Miss M Welch


Mrs K Whiting

Subject Co-ordinator: Psychology

Mrs L Wilkins

Subject Co-ordinator: Physical Education

Mr C Wise

Assistant Co-ordinator: Physical Education

Mr J Worland

Business Studies | ICT and Computing | Sixth Form Team

Miss V Wright


Mrs P Zottarelli

Subject Co-ordinator: Modern Foreign Languages

Support Staff



Miss O Allan

Cleaning Operative

Miss Y Allen

Data Manager

Mrs L Barwick

Student Support Team

Mrs K Bhardwa

Student Support Team

Miss D Burgess

Student Support Team

Ms S Caswell

PA to the CEO and Headteacher

Mrs A Chandler

Assistant SENCO

Mrs C Chiverton

Business Manager

Mrs G Cooper

PA to the Assistant Headteachers

Mr W Cormack

IT Network Assistant

Mrs J Davies

Data Assistant

Mr A Freeman

Student Support Team

Mrs P Galan

Language Assistant

Mr R Goddard

Deputy Site Supervisor

Mrs C Greenwell

Cleaning Operative

Mrs L Hamilton 

Cleaning Operative

Mr D Harper

Site Team

Miss E Hart

Science Technician

Miss E Hayes

First Aid 

Mrs E Heyes

English Intervention Tutor

Mrs H Holloway

Student Support Team

Mr M Hopkins

Discovery Centre

Mrs J Hughes

Senior Science Technician | Health & Safety

Mr M Humphries

Reprographics Technician

Mr W Iredale

ICT Network Manager

Mrs L Jageliene

Cover Co-ordinator | Science Technician

Mrs L Keefe

PA to the Heads of House

Miss C Martin

Student Support Team

Mrs S Morris


Mr G Nash

Site Manager

Mrs J Paige


Mr M Price

Head of Cleaning

Mrs A Sleigh

Student Counsellor

Ms L Squires

Cleaning Operative

Mr D Stock

Data Analyst

Mr M Thie

Discovery Centre Manager | House Championship Co-ordinator |  Project Officer (CLH)

Mrs A Tolley

Student Support Team

Ms D Torrington


Ms J Torrington


Miss J Underwood

Designated Safeguarding Lead and Welfare Lead

Mrs M Wescott

Attendance Officer

Miss C Wilde

Progress Coach

Mr S Willey

Food and Catering

Mrs S Wraith

Student Support Team

Mrs J Wring

Examinations Manager

Mr N Wylie

Youth and Schools Worker

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