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All our uniform items can be purchased from:

Monsoon Ruggur
63 Teignmouth Road
BS21 6DL

Tel: 01275 870370 or 870220

Monsoon also operate an online shop:


All students are expected to wear the correct uniform at school and during the journey to and from school. All items of clothing and equipment should be named. Clevedon School does not accept responsibility for lost or stolen items of uniform or equipment.

  • Black House Jacket with Clevedon School Logo: There are specific rules about this jacket that must be followed. Jackets may only be removed if warm in lessons. At all other times, jackets must be worn in and around school, except in sustained exceptionally hot weather when the Headteacher will give permission to remove them. The uniform must be smart without the jacket, the optional House V necked jumpers must never be worn without the jacket.
  • School Tie in House Colour: This must be worn properly at all times, except when the Headteacher has given permission due to sustained exceptionally hot weather. Top button should be fastened, with tie fully done up, covering all shirt buttons.
  • Long, Plain Black, school Trousers or Plain Black Skirt: Trousers must not; be decorated or have lacing or splits, be excessively flared/long, "combat" style, etc. No denim, jersey, stretchy or cord material. Jean like trousers are not allowed (pockets/ stud detail). Any belts should be plain black and should fit through the belt loops. Trousers must not be tight fitting and leggings are not permitted. If a student chooses to wear a skirt, it must be smart and to the knee. It must ensure decency and modesty. Short skirts are not permitted. We do not allow students to wear tight skirts made of elasticated fabric.
  • White, Button-up, Full Collared Shirt: Short or long sleeves and it should have buttons to the neck for tie wearing; ‘Leisure/polo’ styles are not allowed. Girls may wear a fitted shirt or blouse providing it is not tight fitting or sleeveless. Blouses and shirts must be tucked in. The top button must be done upon shirts, and the tie done up to cover the top button.
  • Plain Black Footwear: Plain/discreet dark coloured socks (no trainer socks). All girls wearing skirts must wear black tights (without socks). Low-heel, closed-toe sturdy black shoes (leather / imitation leather) - including to and from school. Black trainers, back-less shoes, open-toed shoes/sandals, shoes with rubber toe caps and boots are not allowed. Shoes are not allowed to have any other colour on them. For break and lunchtimes, trainers can be changed into on the school field. Footless tights and leggings must not be worn.
  • Optional V-Necked House Stripe Jumper: This may be worn under the jacket. Non-school uniform House jumpers and cardigans are not allowed. The jumper should always be worn under the jacket, not instead of it.


  • Black and Gold unisex polo shirt.
  • Black and Gold outdoor zip top for girls.
  • Black and Gold reversible rugby shirt for boys.
  • Plain black sports shorts for boys.
  • Plain black skort for girls (skirt with built in shorts underneath).
  • Black and Gold hooped "Clevedon School" sports socks.
  • White Socks

    Other Sports Items:
  • Plain black rugby shorts for boys (optional).
  • Black rugby/football/hockey boots and shin pads; compulsory for football/hockey.
  • Clean training shoes for use in PE lessons only.
  • Gum shields are advisable for all contact sports.
  • Dance – students may wear their PE kit or BLACK dance wear, i.e. jogging bottoms/leggings, T-shirt etc. Jazz shoes are optional as students may go barefoot. Trainers are not permitted in the Dance Studio.
  • Optional Black and Gold rain coat.
  • Optional plain black sports bottoms.


Extreme hairstyles and brightly coloured dyed hair are not allowed. Hair colours or highlights are permitted if they are conventional colours, i.e. black, brown or blonde. Hats, caps and scarves should not be worn indoors. Students may wear a maximum of two small stud earrings in each ear, a watch, one small ring on each hand and no other jewellery. No body or facial piercing is allowed. This includes all nose studs (including clear studs). Discreet make-up is allowed. Brightly coloured nail polish or acryllic nails are not allowed.

All jewellery items will need to be removed for PE.  We cannot take responsibility for these items in school.  We recommend all precious items are left at home. 


The black jacket together with a v-necked optional jumper, will afford a high degree of warmth. Parents may consider that only a light rain jacket would be considered necessary on top of the black school jacket. If a coat is worn, it should be plain and smart (offensive logos are not allowed). Denim and leather coats should not be worn. Outdoor coats must not be worn in the school building.


If a student arrives at school with incorrect uniform they may be sent home by a member of staff to change, or take the student out of circulation until a suitable alternative can be found. We reserve the right to send students home but will endeavour to provide spare uniform where possible, sanctions will be applied if students refuse to adhere to this policy.