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Clevedon School

Pupil Premium


  • The Governing Body are responsible for accounting for the impact of Pupil Premium.
  • Pupil Premium is extra funding (outside the funding formula) for each FSM, CLA, Adopted from Care, and Services child.
  • In 2013 funding changes were set by the government and the calculation changed to include “Ever 6”. Defined as children who have been eligible for any of the above categories in any of the previous 6 years.
  • FSM is used as a proxy indicator, statistically identifying a diverse group of families where income is low or non-permanent, where families rely on benefits and whose children under-perform nationally; the other government proxy IDACI (Income Deprivation Affecting Children Index) is narrower in scope.

The money should enable these students to:

  • Improve their levels of attainment and progress.
  • Close attainment gaps relative to school averages.
  • Have full access to the curriculum.
  • Access our extra-curricular provision.

Parents may access the School Performance Tables published by the Secretary of State which is to be found on the Department for Education’s website.

Clevedon School Pupil Premium Grant





Annual income £140,182 £128,095 £143,990

Expenditure and Impacts