Clevedon School

Clevedon School


Our Approach

We have a reputation for our student-focused and clearly targeted learning initiatives. We encourage robust, independent thinking and facilitate students to understand how they think and learn best.

Year 7 students follow a curriculum designed with the combined wisdom of both primary and secondary teaching colleagues. Dedicated work has gone into developing it, and the response from students and results are evident all day, every day. It is an exciting and inspiring curriculum across all subjects including maths, English, science, humanities, languages, performing arts, IT and PE. Opportunities also exist to personalise the curriculum offer to include additional computing, dance, media and languages including Latin.

Subject ‘maps’ are used by students (and parents) who are able to reference resources on our online learning portal, ‘Firefly’, to further enhance the learning experience by offering support and challenge at home.  Reflecting both primary education and the latest educational research, students are taught in both mixed ability and set groups across different areas of the curriculum during Key Stage 3.  These are regularly reviewed and no student is hampered by group size in the progress they may be making.

At Key Stage 4 our students study core subjects of English, maths and science and are then able to choose a range of further subjects that both interest them and will provide suitable pathways to post 16 options. By designing the timetable around these ‘options’, we are able to opt for what suits them best and matches their education and employment aspirations.