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Nerves turned to elation and beaming smiles at Clevedon School when students recorded a bumper crop of outstanding GCSE grades with the Class of 2018 making more progress than any previous year group, even though students sat the newly reformed GCSEs with harder content.

Overall 68% of students achieved 5 GCSEs graded Level 9-4 with 64% of students attaining this with both English and Maths. 16% of student grades were graded level 9-7.

“I could not be more proud of students, staff and parents.  All of our students have a fantastic story to tell. Our students have achieved a record number of the much coveted Level 9 grades, with many students achieving Level 9 in 5 of more subjects meaning they will be some of the top performers nationally and on track to fulfil their ambition to study engineering, medicine, veterinary sciences and law at the most prestigious of universities.

Similarly, I am equally delighted with students who achieved their personal best in subjects, working exceptionally hard to take on the challenge of the new exams, often overcoming additional learning challenges along the way. It says much about them as individuals and the ethos of aspiration and inclusion here at Clevedon School. They truly are a KIND and BRILLIANT group of students.”

The school has also bucked the national trend in declining GCSE entries for languages with the number of students achieving a strong pass doubling since 2017.

This and the fact that almost 80% of students passed their English GCSE Level 9-4 is proof that our focus on literacy is really paying dividends for the students. It is so exciting to see the students benefit from their hard work in this area.

The school has also narrowed the gap between girls’ and boys’ achievement and gap between pupil premium and non-pupil premium students. It goes to show that all can achieve at Clevedon School.”

Jim Smith, Head of School

Attainment 8 45.6
Progress 8



% 9-5 English and Maths 34.4
% Entering EBACC 24
% Achieving EBACC 13.3
% of students staying in education or employment 100


Information about Clevedon School's Key Stage 5 exam results can be found on its School League Table page here.