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Curriculum Statement 


Our curriculum allows students to learn new knowledge and gain the skills required to apply this both in and outside of the classroom. Through high expectations, we place an emphasis on ensuring that students have the attitudes and mindsets required in order to become model global citizens of the future, so that they reach their individual capabilities. We believe that we have a curriculum offer that allows an understanding of different faiths and cultures with opportunities for extra-curricular learning and cultural enrichment being available to all of our students in all of our year groups, in all of our subject areas. 


The Clevedon Curriculum aims to: 

1. give students a broad, balanced and creative learning experience for as long as possible; 

2. allow time for a deep learning of knowledge in order for students to be prepared for the next stage of their learning; 

3. teach the skills required to build upon and apply new and previously learnt knowledge; 

4. offer opportunities for all students to experience and learn about different cultures whilst recognising the importance of British values and cultures; 

5. stretch and challenge all of our students with no ceiling set for our ambitious and creative thinkers; 

6. develop reflective learners who will contribute to society in a positive manner during and after leaving Clevedon School; 

7. provide students with high quality qualifications that will act as a springboard for their next destination. 

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