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Clevedon School

About Us

Welcome. It is with great pride that I offer you an introduction to Clevedon School. We are a co-educational, 11-18 vertically integrated comprehensive school offering an inspirational learning environment for over 1,290 students. Nestled in the Swiss Valley of Clevedon, we enjoy the benefits of extensive playing fields, woodland areas, a wide range of sports facilities coupled with a mix of older and modern buildings meaning that we are well equipped to offer an outstanding education.

Clevedon School puts students at the centre of everything we do. This is a school that embraces all our students have to offer and provides them with the opportunities and responsibility to take a role leading the school through the House System and our unique Subject Senate and Pastoral Parliament.  All students are educated in the art of leadership so they can make a positive contribution to school life.  Indeed, our high expectations are evidenced in the national recognition we regularly receive for our achievements in and out of the classroom.

Our school is based upon traditional values with a forward thinking vision.  Every member of our school community is reminded daily of our key principles: Be Kind. Be Brilliant.  It’s known as ‘The Clevedon Way’ and helps create that crucial sense of belonging to both one’s House and the wider school community.  It is hardly surprising therefore that students and staff alike have immense pride for their school.

Enjoy browsing the website or looking at the Twitter feed for a small sample of what Clevedon School has to offer.  

Best wishes

Jim Smith