Clevedon School

Clevedon School

Learning Pathways

We offer a variety of learning pathways to our Post-16 students and details of these individual courses can be found on the inserts at the back of the prospectus.

As guidance however, for A Level study, most of our students study four AS Level subjects in Year 12 and then continue with three of these into A2 study. Those students with exceptional grades at AS, may continue with all four subjects into A2.

Another option is to study three AS levels in Year 12 and continue with these subjects into A2.
An alternative pathway is for students to work towards a BTEC First in Year 12 – a qualification which equates to 4 GCSEs, and which would then allow access to more advanced A Level courses in the following years. Resit classes in English and Maths GCSE can be studied at the same time as a BTEC First, if appropriate.

I was given a chance to get back on the ladder when I was accepted onto the BTEC First; I got my confidence back. After studying double business, I'm now thinking of studying for a foundation degree.