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What is Clevedon Learning Hub?

Clevedon Learning Hub is run by Clevedon School and is a learning driven social enterprise that offers professional development and coaching opportunities for those working in education. The Clevedon Learning Hub works with both Clevedon School Staff and those working in other schools, colleges and learning organisations. The School is led by an accredited National Leader of Education and is itself a National Support School.  

Who is in it?

All Clevedon School staff are part of the Learning Hub as it is the vehicle by which all school professional development takes place, including collating action research projects. In addition, a number of staff, called Associates, have roles to facilitate our professional development offer to other schools and colleges, whilst at the same time offering them a parallel opportunity to develop themselves as reflective learners.  

What is Offered?

Clevedon Learning Hub offers professional development opportunities that have their roots and origins in our school based action research as well being tried and tested to the benefit of learners. As a result the professional development opportunities focus on making a difference to learning outcomes be it through leadership, teaching or pastoral support. Examples include: 

  • 1-2-1 Coaching – work with any Associate over an extended period of time to achieve professional goals
  • Immersion Visits to Clevedon School – bring up to 12 colleagues for a day looking at all aspects of school improvement including leadership, learning, pastoral support, student voice and iPads

  • School Support Packages – work collaboratively to plan and deliver a single strand of professional development  through to whole school improvement

  • INSET Training – delivery of interactive and challenging training to help as part of school improvement  

  • Specialised Themed Conferences – single themed conferences take place throughout the year covering all aspects of school life including House System and Middle Leaders   
  • Learning Conferences – our annual Learning Conference in February which proved so very popular it to be run twice in 2013. 

How do I Engage with Clevedon Learning Hub?

For a full range of current and future opportunities connected with Clevedon Learning Hub please contact us via: 

Twitter : @ClevedonLHub

Email :  

Web : Coming Soon


Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

Kelly Hawkins
Director of the Clevedon Learning Hub
Telephone: 01275 337475